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SOUTH PARK is one of the best cartoons I have ever seen. If you like the Simpsons, then you will love the guys from SOUTH PARK. On this page, you can download most of the episodes as RealVideo files. Most of them are of pretty poor quality (34 KBit/s), but some are also available as 96KBit RealVideos or even MPEG movies. Some key moments of the series have been added as Quicktime Movies.
Update 10/09/2001: The downloads have been down for two years now, but only today I go the time to actually reflect that change on the page by removing the links. Sorry for any inconvenience, but there are no episodes for download here.
If you don't have Real Player installed yet, you can get it for free at Real's Download Page. Quicktime can be downloaded from Apple, also for free.
If you want to have additional information about SOUTH PARK, like a description of the main characters or some audio files, check out the following sites:
  • The SouthPark Episode source
  • Mr. Hat's Hell Hole
  • Meet the cast of South Park


    First Season

    Episode #0 The Spirit of Christmas (Unaired Pilot) (MPEG, 16.1MB)
    This is the first South Park episode ever. George Clooney (aka as Batman) asked for a special Christmas present and that's what he got...check it out.
    Episode #1 Cartman Gets An Anal Probe (MPEG, 60.8MB)
    Cartman is captured by Aliens and gets an anal probe. We are introduced to the "boys" and see them in one of their best episodes.
    Episode #2 Weigh Gain 4000 (RM, 32.7 B)
    Cartman writes a report, wins an enviromental contest and is up to be on cable TV!
    Episode #3 Volcano (RM, 38MB)
    The guys want to go for some hunting and a volcano is about to explode.
    Episode #4 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride (RM, 32.8MB)
    This is about a football match and a gay dog.
    Episode #5 An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig (RM, 32.6MB)
    Genetic experiments force our friends to do strange things to an elephant.
    Episode #6 Death (RM, 32.9MB)
    Kenny's grandpa wants to die, but nobody is helping him.
    Episode #7 Pink Eye (MPEG, 61.3MB)
    This one is a Halloween special.
    Episode #8 Damien (MPEG, 79.9MB)
    A new boy in class claims to be the Devil's son, and so Jesus has to do a fist fight against his dad.
    Episode #9 Starvin' Marvin (MPEG, 63.3MB)
    The guys adopt a little boy from Ethopia, called Starvin' Marvin.
    Episode #10 Mr Hanky (RM, 15.1MB)
    This is the Christmas episode. It introduces us to Mr.Hanky, the Christmas Poo.
    Episode #11 Tom's Rhinoplasty (MPEG, 75.3MB)
    ...special again, this time it's Valentine's Day.
    Episode #12 Mecha Streisand (MPEG, 72.8MB)
    Barbara Streisand will turn into a special version of Godzilla if she gets her hands on a special artifact.
    Episode #13 Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut (MPEG, 70MB)
    We are just about to find out, who Cartman's dad is.

    Second Season

    Episode #1 Not without My Anus (MPEG/75.6 MB)
    This is the episode where we find out who Carman's dad really is!
    Episode #2 Cartman's Mom Is Still A Drity Slut (RM, 31.2MB)
    It seems that the problems with Cartman's father require another episode of SOUTH PARK.
    Episode #3 Chicken Lover (MPEG, 80MB)
    The Chicken Lover is in town an officer Barbrady has to ensure the safety of our friends.
    Episode #4 Ike's Wee Wee (RM, 14MB)
    Stan's littler brother Ike has to fear for his wee wee, so don't miss this one.
    Episode #5 Conjoined Fetus Lady. (RM, 33MB)
    The guys play "Dodgeball" and have to learn about their school nurse, that is the Conjoined Fetus Lady.
    Episode #6 The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka (RM, 30MB)
    Frankly speaking, I forgot what this episode was all about...
    Episode #7 City On The Edge Of Forever (RM, 35MB)
    Like a little "best of", this episodes shows us some of the key moments that happened so far in the little city of South Park.
    Episode #8 Summer Sucks (RM, 35MB)
    Did you ever notice that it is always winter in South Park? Now the summer is about to start.

    Some goodies...

    Jesus fights against a Snowman (RM, 2.85MB)

    This is a MAD TV Special on SOUTH PARK(RM, 4.2MB)

    A special appearance of Jay Leno (RM, 1.87MB)

    Mr. Hanky Construction Kit TV Trailer (RM, 0.5MB)

    Countdown for 1998 (RM, 0.2MB)

    SOUTH PARK at the Cable Ace Awards (RM, 3.63MB)

    Some Trailers for the SOUTH PARK Season(MOV, 10.5MB)

    Achim J. Latz, 10/09/2001